LIFEAID Beverage Co. Launches FITAID Zero and FITAID RX Zero

From: Bevnet

Just in time for summer heat, outdoor activities and inevitable swimsuit season, LIFEAID Beverage Company is launching FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO. The two new products are based on FITAID & FITAID RX, the LIFEAID brand’s signature recovery blends, longtime staples of passionate amateurs and professional athletes nationwide.

FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO offer the nutrients and recovery function of FITAID, with zero sugar and no artificial sweeteners

Both ‘ZERO SUGAR’ products are available for sale online starting today, May 14, at The brand’s loyal following is clearly eager for the release, with over $100,000 in confirmed pre-orders. Online, the new sugar-free recovery blends will sell for $59.76 for a 24-can case and at select retailers and gyms for $2.99 per 12 oz. can.

The original popularity of FITAID is due to its great taste and proprietary formula of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Turmeric to help decrease post-workout inflammation, 45mg of natural caffeine from green tea, and ingredients like Glucosamine, Glutamine, Arginine, B-complex, Vitamins C & D, Omega-3s & CoQ10 – all expertly formulated to support recovery from physical activity or exercise. With the addition of FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO, the FITAID lineup still contains the same recovery ingredients, now with zero sugar. Both ZERO products are sweetened with Monk Fruit and Stevia, and like all LIFEAID products, contain no sodium and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. And for anyone who wants additional recovery for their muscles, FITAID RX ZERO contains 1,000 mg of creatine to help build strength.

“There’s a lot of attention being placed on not-so-good-for-you workout drinks that are chock full of junk and unhealthy amounts of caffeine, taurine, sodium and sugar,” said LIFEAID co-founder and president Aaron Hinde. “That’s why we’re proud to offer the fitness community clean, sugar-free, post-workout recovery options with FITAID ZERO and RX ZERO. “Crafting better-for-you recovery options without the use of artificial sweeteners, sucralose or aspartame — while being sugar-free and still offering great taste — is something our team is very proud of accomplishing.”

The introduction of FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO brings the total number of LIFEAID products to nine. Since selling their first beverage back in 2011, LIFEAID still continues to proudly creates “vitamins you’ll enjoy drinking,” with proprietary blends that emphasize a sophisticated combination of ingredients to meet the physical and mental demands of healthy, active, competitive men and women throughout their daily lives.

Expect FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO to find a loyal following, quickly. The LIFEAID brand boasts over 500k followers on social media, with FITAID already being sold at over 30,000 retailers across the country including new LIFEAID retailer partners Walmart, Kroger and CVS.

LIFEAID is helping define a new generation of low-to-no sugar fitness and functional beverages for consumers who demand better-for-you products containing quality ingredients. Made with only the good stuff and none of the junk, every LIFEAID product is not only refreshing, but contains a payload of functional ingredients to help enhance your mind and body’s performance. As LIFEAID launches their two newest products, the company is proud to be providing millions with “a better way to drink.”


With a focus on great-tasting, wellness-enhancing and solutions-driven supplement products, LIFEAID Beverage Co. has become a trusted brand among health- and performance-conscious consumers. LIFEAID offers a range of “vitamins you’ll actually enjoy drinking” including: LIFEAID, FITAID, FOCUSAID, IMMUNITIYAID PARTYAID, GOLFERAID and the newly launched FITAID ZERO and FITAID RX ZERO.

Since founding LIFEAID Beverage Co. in 2011, Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde have built the brand into a thriving consumer-focused business and wellness movement that is a standout on e-comm and social media, and one of the most dynamic brands at retail in the U.S. and 20 other countries. Visit for more information.