Time Magazine Best Inventions 2018: A Lid That Fits Most Pots – Made In Universal Lid

From: Time Magazine
By: Alejandro De La Garza

For years, inventors have tried to perfect the universal lid—that one-pot covering that could prevent all kinds of frantic cabinet searching. But most options are imperfect, dipping into pans and reducing their capacity or allowing heat loss (longer cooking times) and water runoff (messy dripping on stove tops). A new design from cookware brand Made In could be the answer. Its Universal Lid ($49), made of silicon-­coated stainless steel, has three different-size bottom lips, allowing it to fit a variety of pots and pans without the issues that have plagued its predecessors. Although the product “looks very simple,” says Made In co-founder Chip Malt, “a lot of thought and consideration went into getting it right.” Consumers appear to agree: the first batch sold out in less than two days.